Top 5 Reasons to hire a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker:

Countless studies have detailed the benefits of using a Dog Walker to exercise and train their furry friends. Here are the Top 5 reasons it could be the right choice for your pet(s) today:

  1. Obesity, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, boredom, and low life expectancy are some of the negative effects caused by lack of exercise.
  2. A daily walking schedule not only enhances their healthy habits and energy but also helps in maintaining acceptable behaviors for an enjoyable life.
  3. Dogs, by nature, are genetically wired to discover new adventures by roaming and walking their immediate environment. However, most four-legged pals nowadays find themselves “caged-in” and surrounded by walls for long periods of time. Not because they are not loved and cared for, but simply because their parents must continue with their daily routine outside the home.
  4. Dogs can experience loneliness and separation anxiety after different amounts of alone time, but studies show that it is prevalent in dogs that must go 4 or more hours without human interaction.
  5. It cuts down on negative behaviors that dogs will engage in or “act out” like marking in the house, getting into trash or other harmful situations, tearing up household belongings, and many other things pet owners dread coming home to after a long busy day.

The good news is that responsible parents have an easy solution to this problem by establishing a walking and exercising program for their furry kids. Here are just a few of the ways The Lucky Pup could be beneficial to you:

  1. Less restlessness at home:
    Our mid-day visits are scheduled around the time you leave for work. That way they will receive their daily exercise at the specific time they need it the most, reducing anxiety and energy levels.
    Daily walks are performed during the hours of 10AM and 4PM and set around YOUR schedule.
  2. Training and socialization reinforcement:
    You provide the rules; we make sure your pal follows them! Let us know if a dog training obedience program or classes have been started and your assigned walker will place emphasis on it during the sessions.
  3. Daily Report:
    Left at your residence after every session for you to review all the activities your pal completed during the session. Includes behavioral notes and follow-up tips.
  4. One-on-one attention:
    Our walkers will dedicate their full attention to your pal (no “pack-walks” unless from same household). 
  5. NO long-term commitment:
    Separate sessions based on your needs and resources, either on a daily or weekly basis. Select the best days and times according to your lifestyle.