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Benefits Of Hiring A Daily Dog Walker

If you are like most pet guardians, you often feel tremendous guilt for leaving your best pal at home alone all day.  You know your dog will have a long,  boring day just waiting until you arrive back home.

You can ease your guilt and provide your pooch with a much needed midday break by hiring a dog walker.

Hiring a dog walker is not only beneficial for your dog but you as well.

Benefits to hiring a daily dog walker.

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1.  No need to worry all day about rushing home after work

There are times you may need to work late or need to run some errands after work. You already feel bad because your dog has spent a long day without going out to relieve himself.  Hiring a dog walker for a midday break will give you some flexibility to stay late at work or make a run to the store without feeling guilty or rushed.

2.  Attend after work socials

When you hire a dog walker, you can join your coworkers after work for dinner and drinks without fretting about your dog holding it for even more hours until you arrive home.  Go out and have fun worry free.

3.  No messes

Some puppies and senior dogs just can’t hold it for 8 plus hours a day while you are at work.  Having a professional pet sitter or dog walker come in midday to let your dog out will save you from coming home to pet messes.

4.  Dog has something to look forward to during the day

Your dog will be excited and look forward to a daily visit from his dog walker. Dogs love walks and adding an extra walk to his routine will give him something fun to do and look forward to while you are at work.

5.  Much needed potty break

All dogs no matter age or size could use a potty break throughout the day.  Your dog may be able to go long periods of time without relieving himself and not have an accident but it’s not good for your dog.  Just imagine trying to hold it for 8-10 hours everyday.  It would be quite uncomfortable.

6.  Exercise and stimulation

Daily walks are an excellent way for your dog to get some exercise and stimulation.  Mental and physical stimulation keeps your dog healthy and active.

7.  Alleviate loneliness and boredom

When dogs become bored, they will often develop unwanted behavior. Hiring a dog walker will help alleviate your dogs loneliness and boredom by providing an outlet for them to release energy and stimulate their senses.

How could you or your dog benefit from hiring a dog walker?

The following post is by Lisa Tesch on September 25, 2015 

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