7 Tips to Stop Your Dog’s Barking in Kingston, WA

Here are Seven Tips to Stop Your Dog’s Barking:

7. Be Consistent

Barking can’t be cute or funny sometimes (unless on command) and not okay other times.

Dogs struggle with inconsistency!

You can’t think he is funny when he barks at the doorbell on TV and then freak out when he won’t stop barking in the backyard.

You must consistently apply rules and teach him that barking is unacceptable.

6. Bring Him In

DO NOT allow him to bark outside!

I have a two bark rule.

You can bark twice to tell me that something is going on in the neighborhood, but if you continue to bark, I will track you down and drag you inside if I have to.

If you give more than two barks at the window, I will be coming for you.

Number one, I am not going to allow you to reward yourself with incessant barking.

Number two, you don’t get to bark incessantly.

Number three, if you want the privilege of being outside, looking out the window, etc., you will have to learn to control your mouth!

5. Block His View

stop dog barkingBlocking his view of distractions can be a helpful way to stop his barking.

Dogs that can see distractions are much more likely to bark at them.

So if your dog can see through the fence, I would find a way to put up a barrier so he can’t see out.

If your dog is constantly running to the window to bark, put the shades down so that he is less visually stimulated.

4. Reduce His Stress

Some dogs bark because they are stressed.

If he is stressed outside, limit his time outside.

You can also use a pheromone called “Adaptil” which has been proven to help decrease dogs’ stress levels. Adaptil comes in sprays, collars, and diffusers.

Thunder shirts and similar devices can also be effective.

Supplements like composure, solliquin, and our new product, CALMZ, can also help.

3. Quiet Place

Take him to a quiet place, which is visually distraction free.

When I talk about taking my dog away from the window when he is barking, this is often where he is destined to go for a few minutes.

In this quiet place, be it his crate or a secluded room; I often like to add some music so that my dog can’t hear the distractions.

I only need to leave my dog here long enough to change his mindset.

Dog timeouts aren’t like kid timeouts; you can’t expect your dog to feel bad about what he has done. Instead, you just need him to take enough time to forget about what he was doing.

2. Tools

There are some tools that can be used to help a dog that incessantly barks, to help the owner get some early control.

Citronella collars are effective and humane. It is critical if you use this device, which you keep on the dog 24 hours a day for several days, to keep the reservoir filled with citronella, and change batteries frequently.

Ultrasonic bark collars work on some dogs.

You can even get ultrasonic boxes that can be kept in your yard and can work on your dog and your neighbor’s dog.

1. Training

But, the best way to stop your dog’s barking, is actually to teach him to bark.

stop dog barkingThat is right, teaching your dog to bark on command gives him control of his voice and once he is in charge of his voice and bark, you can teach him how to be quiet!

And, being quiet on command is essential to living happily with your dog.

Other commands can also help.

Having a great recall means you can call your dog away from whatever he is barking at.

Stay can also help keep your dog in an environment with fewer distractions after he has been previously distracted and barking.