Should I Give My Dog a Multivitamin?

Over the last decade, pet parents have begun to take more seriously the health of their pets. A poll conducted by the gallup organization showed that a full 50% of adults regularly take a multivitamin. However, when it comes to our pets, significantly less receive the same treatment.

Does a multivitamin make sense for our furry friends, or is it a waste of money?

You may want to consider a multivitamin if any of these 3 situations apply to you:

1. You have senior dog

If your dog is a senior (older than 7 for larger breeds, older than 10 for smaller breeds) and you’d like to give them extra nutritional support, you may want to considering adding a multivitamin supplement. Many senior dogs no longer receive the nutritional support they need from their kibble as they age.

2. You don’t trust commercial dog food

Commercial dog food “should” contain adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals for your dog. However, many of us have lost trust in commercial dog food brands and are uncertain if their nutritional label claims are accurate. In addition, the quality and potency of the ingredients may be in question. For this reason many dog owners like to give a multivitamin just to be safe.

3. You give your dog a homemade or raw diet

We’re big believers in homemade cooked or raw diets. However, one potential problem with these diets is that vitamin and mineral requirements may be slightly lacking, or inconsistent, especially if your dog avoid the fruits and vegetables in their dish. For this reason, many home feeders like to give a multivitamin “just in case”.

Multivitamins Are Surprisingly Affordable, Compared to Other Canine Supplements

When it comes to cost effectiveness, the good news is that multivitamins are relatively inexpensive compared to other popular supplements such as joint care or omega-3 skin & coat support. For example, this PetMD vitamin on Amazon costs approximately 9 cents a day. This is significantly more affordable than an Omega-3 or Glucosamine supplement which might cost you anywhere from $0.50 to 1.00 a day.

Getting Your Dog to Take a Vitamin


Anyone who has ever given their dog a pill knows what a challenge it can be. Many pet owners will apply a small amount of pet safe peanut butter (xylitol free) or coconut oil on the multivitamin to make it more palatable for their dog.

If a multivitamin makes sense for your dog, we like the PetMD brand available on Amazon. This supplement comes in a chewable tablet with a flavor dog’s love.

Whatever you choose to do, thanks for being an advocate for your dog’s health and happiness!

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