Dog Moms Take Pet Parenting Seriously

These days, dogs are considered part of the family. We give them human names, personalized goodies, human-grade food, and more. It’s a small price to pay for all that undying love and devotion, after all! How far does this trend go? Does it differ among the generations? Here at The Lucky Pup, as North Kitsap’s most trusted dog walkers and pet sitters, we set out to find some answers. In honor of Mother’s Day, we talked to female dog owners about their identity and lifestyle as pet parents—and uncovered some fascinating results. For instance, 3 out of 4 consider themselves “dog moms” (rather than just owners.)

The numbers couldn’t be any clearer: dog moms take their roles seriously, and they’ve got the gear to match. Read on for more survey results, plus find links to expert advice on being the best dog mom ever.

The dog moms have spoken

According to what we have found 3 out of 4 female pet parents consider themselves dog moms, with 58% saying they strongly agree with being considered a dog mom. What’s more, 62% of female baby boomers strongly identify with being a dog mom.

The top reasons women say they are dog moms are because their dog is their child (36%) and their dog is part of the family (42%).

  • 54% of Gen Z dog moms say their dog is their child
  • 52% of Gen X dog moms say their dog is part of the family

Fur babies and best friends

What we call our dogs says a lot about how we relate to them. 45% of dog moms have referred to their dog as a “fur baby” or” fur kid” and 40% just call their dog their “baby.”

Interestingly, baby boomers are more likely to refer to their dog as their best friend (40%).

It’s not just about what they call their dogs, either. It’s all about how they see themselves as pet parents, too. A quarter of dog moms consider themselves helicopter pet parents, who are … VERY involved in the life of their dog. (Who are you calling “extra”?) Younger dog moms are even more likely to see themselves this way: 45% of Gen Z dog moms consider themselves helicopter pet parents.

On the other hand, Millennial and Gen X dog moms were more likely to identify as Velcro pet parents, rather than helicopters. That means they’re connected to their dog at the hip, but don’t worry or hover quite as much.

Wear it with pride

Dog moms love to wear their dog love on their sleeve, literally.

  • 40% of female dog owners say they own dog mom apparel, and 17% say they don’t own any—but they want some!
  • 55% of Gen Z dog moms own dog apparel

And they spread that dog gear love to their pets, of course. 44% of survey respondents bought their dog outfits for the holidays and special occasions.

Love me, love my dog

Dog moms are definitely moms at heart. Nearly half of the female dog owners we talked to celebrate their dog’s birthday (or other milestones), bring their dog with them on errands and shared an announcement on social media when they got their dog.

What’s more, these dedicated dog parents make it a priority to be there for their dog.

  • 40% have stayed up at night to comfort a crying puppy
  • 24% have missed work to be home with a sick dog

Finally, 50% of dog moms gush about their dog when meeting other people. And that only makes sense, because dog moms have A LOT of photos to share. In fact, 62% said they take dozens of photos of their dog.

What kind of dog mom are you?

Are you the dog mom on the block with the most Fitbit steps, the most Instagram followers, or the most friends?

How to be the world’s best dog mom

Being a great dog mom is all about the small things. And, well, sometimes baking a birthday cake just for your dog. The Lucky Pup has you covered for dog mom tips and tricks, from the basics on puppy training to ongoing bonding to making your dog’s day just a little brighter.